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(Frequently asked Questions )

If I refer  however many people to you can I get a discount/ free trial/ no added travel fee? I'm sorry but this is my job and I take it very seriously. Unless I'm offering a flash sale, or some kind of promotion I do not offer discounts. 

I'm very pale do you have a foundation shade light enough for me? Most likely, if not I can add some pigments to the lightest shade to create your prefect shade.

My skin in very dry do you have a foundation that will work for me? Yes.

Do you only do bridal makeup?

Nope! I can do makeup for whatever you'd like. 

Do you Offer airbrush makeup?

Currently I do not! But I plan on it in the future!

What Brands do you use?

MAC, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Smashbox, Antasisa Beverly Hills, Morphe Brushes, BH cosmetics, Nars, Motives Cosmetics, Nyx, and more!

What brand is the foundation in your kit?

I use Bobbi Brown

What kind of brushes do you use?

Bh Cosmetics, Mac, Morphe, and real techniques. I also use real techniques miracle completion sponge and the beauty blender. 

I'm White/Hispanic/Black/Asian can you do makeup to accommodate me?

I can formulate and create a look for anyone. I can work with any skin tone, skin type, facial feature or shape. Whether you have oily skin, a very light or dark skin tone, or small eyes I will use the proper products and techniques to create a beautiful look for your event. I get asked this question a lot, but if you break it down everyone is the same so why discriminate. 

How do the travel fees work?

I may apply travel fees to anyone outside the Sarasota/Bradenton area. Depending on how far away you live the travel fee may be between $20-40.

How far do you travel?

It depends on the event/ number of people requesting makeup applications. Typically I do not travel to locations more than 3 hours away. However, depending on the event/ number of people requesting my services or if I'm already planning on being in that area I can most likely accommodate you, so it doesn't hurt to ask.